What is breathwork? And my personal breathwork experience for self healing and breakthrough.

So, Adeline - what the hell is breathwork?

I mean, we breathe naturally.
Why do we need to work on our breath?

Trust me - I hear you, I didn’t know I actually don’t like breathing until I started getting more into breathwork. MINDBLOWN!

Successful people like Tony Robbins and Tim Ferris all have some sort of breathing exercises in their morning routine. And of course the iceman himself - WIM HOFF who’s all about changing your breath to change your life. (Also WHERE ARE THE WOMEN?)

What is breathwork?

Breathwork is an altered state of consciousness, which taps into your subconscious mind, bringing hidden thoughts or beliefs to the surface. It helps with the release of negative emotions, trauma, and limiting beliefs—as well as helping you to be more connected with your intuition for self-healing.

It helps you heal and carve a new path of endless possibilities for yourself.

It helps you get out of your own way and get unstuck.

It helps you release old patterns and limiting beliefs so you can create lasting changes and work towards your dream life.

It helps to unlock your creativity.

It guides you to greater connection to your inner self, your personal power and helps with unlocking your true potential.

And, it most certainly helps with emotional release.

It is life-changing.

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My personal breathwork experience for self-healing and breakthrough.

So - just like many of you who are reading this, I was a skeptic. In fact, I was skeptical AF.

For a long time - I was very resistant towards the idea of healing and trauma because I grew up with a normal childhood and I didn’t experience anything traumatic or “bad”. My parents gave me the best life they could so I thought I had nothing to heal from. What I didn’t realise was - while not all of us have experienced extreme physical, sexual, or emotional trauma, we have been subjected to the daily emotional traumas such as not feeling loved, accepted, or understood.

For someone who has been living in her mind throughout her life and struggles to get out of my mind and into my body - breathwork has definitely helped me and played a huge part in my self-healing + transformation.

My personal breathwork experience has helped me unlock beliefs and thoughts that I didn’t know were even there. Here are all the things that came up during breathwork and sound healing session in the past year:

October 2018

  • I have had a shield over my heart and myself for as long as i can remember - it’s time to break that down and learn to feel.

  • It is OK to be vulnerable.

  • My need for control has been attracting the wrong men (and the imbalance between feminine and masculine energy).

(This was when I had my first “awareness” to the spiritual world HA - I have done a debrief HERE)

March 2019

  • To find myself and work out who I really am (The million-dollar question - Am I really me or just who I think I should be?)

  • Being aware that my emotions (sacral and heart chakra) were “blocked” - I had a lot of stored emotions

  • Work on relationship with myself and others (I have always been good with others so I never really felt the need for this)

This was recorded a few hours after an intensive sound healing session:

  • How my school experience - the need to prove myself all the time (my Year 5 and 6 teacher really disliked me and I had to constantly prove myself to get the attention. She has also shamed me in front of everyone for being inquisitive), to really watch what I say instead of my truth (I was called too much and even conceited because I have said things as they were… and also #asian) I have blocked them out and that was also one of the reasons why I have almost zero association with Malaysia besides my parents and family home there. I thought I was passed it but there was definitely some trauma there.

June 2019

Aside from breathwork and sound healing sessions, I also did guided meditation (3-4 times a week) which focuses a lot on the breath as well - which has helped me discover the fact that I needed to work on trusting myself, self-love, self-worth and embodying my feminine energy.

  • The only way to breakdown the barriers around my heart and be whole is to give myself love.

  • I need to give myself love before anyone else. And I needed to remove those barriers in order to receive love.

  • It was the most transformational and cleansing experience that I have been through where I cleared my blocked heart chakra through breathwork in a tantric yoga class

Here’s my debrief on the entire experience:

I’ve also dived deep into my full spiritual awakening journey back in July in this podcast episode - on how I flew into Bali feeling confused AF (and considering going back to corporate what the actual fuck?! ) and left feeling conscious AF. Full debrief can be found HERE.

August 2019 (Back in Sydney)

For the first time ever after returning from Bali, I didn’t feel stuck. I did have multiple breakdowns though but this is another story to tell. I did Sara’s throat and sacral chakra healing meditation. If I am also being honest - I only completed half of the full meditation but I have gotten more realization from it:

  • I felt my mum’s “wound” or struggles and really FELT her perspectives on the things she said and concerns that she raised. I understood where she was coming from yonkers ago but I actually FELT it this time. At the end of the day, our parents want what’s best for us and they can only support us through the ways and means that they are familiar with.

  • Turned my resentment towards my sister (because I was always expected to wear the Big Sister hat - that’s for storytime for another day) into compassion and managed to have deep conversations with her for the first time in many years.

September 2019

This is not so much of revelation but I had my first energy orgasm experience. I am still struggling to put that into words and explain the feeling or sensation that I have experienced from breathing - you get the euphoric sensation rushing through your body in a calm and still state.

I have also popped my Wim Hoff ice bath cherry a couple of weeks ago - and breathwork has definitely helped me in finding the calmness in the cold. Here’s a snippet of my first 2 mins:

Breathwork and sound healing session were the only other way that helps me release my stored emotions ie could make me cry (like from the heart and inside) besides after a breakup (lol!) or arguments with my mum.

Yes - I didn’t know how to cry because I have learned to block them off.

Now - I get teary looking at sunsets or when I receive a message from a client who appreciates my work or after they’ve gone through a breakthrough. Once the barricade is down and flood gate is upon - you FEEL everything. What we don’t realise is, when we block out the negative and uncomfortable emotions, we also block out the good and the amazing ones!

This is the exact reason why I wanted to co-create this experience with Sara as breathwork has played a HUGE part in my very own transformation journey - not only did it help me unpeel many layers and uncover a lot of “trauma” or wound that requires healing, it has really helped me expand my awareness and put me on a peak energy state. I am more connected to my intuition, personal power and most importantly, the limitless potential as to what I can achieve!

With that in mind and the vision to bring my Bali experience to as many people as possible, along with the support, tools and safe space that I wished I had whilst going through my own journey (whilst I am not in Bali) to finding myself - that’s how The Journey To Being You came about.

IF you’re ready to do the work to get to know yourself better and find out what the possibilities out there as well as what YOU are TRULY CAPABLE OF, come and have the experience of your lifetime and join us for the one-of-a-kind group coaching experience that’s going to TRANSFORM & CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER!

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