So, you want to work remotely and be location independent?

We are living in the greatest time in human history where technology has made everything possible. Thanks to the internet, we are presented with endless opportunities including the freedom to create a life on our own terms. Remote work is one of them and I’ve jumped on the bandwagon late last year after my trip to Ubud back in October 2017.



For those of you who are foreign to the term remote work - it is essentially a job that can be completed away from the office in a remote location.

With big tech companies such as Atlassian and Buffer riding on the remote team’s wave, remote work is definitely here to stay and will be the future of work! The exciting thing about this is - remote work is no longer limited to freelancers. Freelancers and employees under a remote work arrangement are also known as being “location independent”.

However, remote work isn’t for everyone and it requires a completely different set of skills altogether. On top of having to be technically qualified for the role, remote workers require great discipline and possess the ability to be effective and productive while working independently.

How do you know if remote work is suitable for you or as a business owner, how do you know if you are building the right team?


1. You are disciplined and self-motivated.

It is important that you are a self-motivated individual. With the absence of managers, bosses or coworkers managing you and telling you which tasks to prioritise and complete, plus adding the island life to the equation, it would be easy to become lazy and unmotivated. That is why you must be motivated to complete a task or achieve a milestone not because you were told to do it but because you want to do it.

2. You are a problem-solver.

Being a remote worker means you might be working on a completely different time zone and do not have direct access to your superior or coworkers. What does this mean for a remote worker? You have to be comfortable in taking the initiative to seek the answer or come up with a solution should a future problem that requires urgent attention arise.

3. You are effective and have the ability to prioritise.

A great remote worker knows what needs to get done and delivers. You are very well aware that efficiency and effectiveness are not the same things and in order to achieve the optimum outcome and be successful, you have to be first, effective; then, efficient. You are able to identify and decide what tasks are urgent and important and focus your time on the urgent work before anything else.


Now that you have determined that remote work is for you, how do you make the transition to location independent?

Start a side-hustle whilst you slowly prepare for THE "big move". 

Side-hustle is a great way to go! Not only do you get to build up your savings (buffer income), you also get to develop and grow your skills whilst still having the safety net of a full time job. It's a win-win situation here if you asked me - building your "remote work resume" whilst building your buffer income. 

Read: How to start a side hustle whilst working full time. 

Look for remote work.

A few great places to start are remote job sites such as https://www.flexjobs.com/, https://workew.com/ or Digital Nomads/ Remote Work Facebook groups.

Educate yourself and start building your own network.

An unique opportunity to learn everything about remote work and network around like-minded people is attending the upcoming Running Remote Conference that is happening in Bali on 23rd and 24th June 2018. (https://runningremote.com/) Apart from all the amazing keynote speakers and actionable strategies on how to build, manage and scale a remote team, you get to meet freelancers and digital nomads who you might hire as a part of your remote team. In addition to that, you will be networking with some of the world’s best from tech company founders, online collaboration thought leaders and outsourcing business owners.

As the saying goes, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

Whether you are someone who’s about to embark on the location independent journey or a founder/business owner who’s looking to build a remote team, the Running Remote Conference 2018 is an event not to be missed!