I Survived Living In The Jungle for 3 Nights

Yeap, that's right.

I lived in the jungle for 3 nights and I survived. 

As always, living that not so basic life means pushing boundaries, getting uncomfortable and constantly challenging our beliefs. 

Today's post is a recap of what I've learnt about sustainability and innovation from compost toilet, outdoor showers, bamboo lodging, planting our own veggies and the Green School visits. 

I Survived Living In The Jungle for 3 Nights

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How was I challenged?

Well, to be fair, it was pretty amazing and comfortable for a jungle - I had a bed, fan, bamboo hut with lock, WIFI (you had no idea how happy this made me feel! #firstworldproblems I know, but #digitalnomadlife), hot water, compost toilet that is clean and doesn't smell. 

However, this is well beyond my comfort zone. I mean, Bali is all about private pool and butler service right? 

Deepening My Understanding & Forming New Perspectives

Throughout my 3 nights stay in the jungle, various Green School tours, countless activities and team bonding later, I have deepened my understanding and formed new perspectives around Conscious Living and Conscious Eating. 

Conscious Living

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We all know that plastic waste is a huge issue for the environment and sustainability but how many of us are actually aware of the actual impact as well as making a conscious effort to reduce the consumption of plastic usage in our day-to-day lives?

Seeing the local communities finding new ways to live a plastic-free life such as serving meals on a banana leaf (which can be decomposed later) or making their own beeswax wrap to replace Gladwrap or sandwich bag served as a huge reminder for me to be more conscious of my day-to-day usage. 

Furthermore, after an incredibly inspiring talk by the Bye Bye Plastic Girls and all the initiatives that they are implementing across the globe has really given me the urge to play my part in conscious living! 

Waste, waste and waste! 

One of the huge personal discoveries from my jungle-living is how redundant a lot of our material possessions are and how much waste are we creating from all the unnecessary goods we are buying. 

Living in a developed country like Australia means consumerism forms the basis of our day-to-day life. We were brought up in an environment where there's a need to constantly "upgrade" our lives by buying the latest technology or following the latest trend in fashion. Just like all things in life, consumerism comes with a price - the ever-growing waste that is flooding the planet and underpaid workers! 

Whilst I am not transitioning into Mother Theresa and I do still enjoy pretty things, I have made a conscious decision to stop buying into fast fashion, minimise my material possessions, recycle or donate items that no longer brings me joy as well as being more innovative and repurpose some of the existing stuff that I already own. 

Conscious Eating

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Earth to table

One of the highlights from the jungle was planting veggies at the Green School Student Village (and greeted by a few fat worms!). I gotta admit, it is pretty amusing to see how easy it is to grow your own veggies and also come to realise how processed some of the food we consume daily are! 

Unfortunately, I am not blessed with green fingers (and we are all about being self-aware right?) but that doesn't mean I can't practise conscious eating! I now get my fresh produce from the farmers market or a local grocer, without the plastic bags!

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Minimise Wastage

Another important lesson I've learnt from Ibu Carol, the head of Green School Student Village is to get creative with my dishes and minimise food wastage whenever possible! I have a bad habit of chucking away stalks from some of the veggies I eat simply because I don't like it! Ever since Bali, I've made it a point to use the stalks and off-cuts of my veggies and the leftover chicken bones to make my own chicken broth! It tastes amazing, extremely nutritious and cost-effective (because it is technically FREE!) 

Living in the jungle has been an incredibly eye-opening and truly humbling experience for me. I am extremely fortunate to be able to see how the locals and foreigners formed a strong community, to continue to innovate and work together towards a common objective - a sustainable future for our future generation! 

On a side note - I think I draw my line on the flushed toilet. ;) 

Have you been to Green School and Green Village in Bali? 

Adeline x