How to start a side hustle whilst working full time?

The best way to eventually become your own boss is to start with a side hustle!

Not only do you get to build up your savings (buffer income), you also get to develop and grow your skills whilst still having the safety net of a full time job.

I am a realist so jumping head in to a business with pure passion alone is a no-no on my books because having to run a business whilst worrying if you’re able to put a meal on the table tomorrow or whether you can pay your rent the next month isn’t the wisest decision.

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Personally - for over a year before making the jump to being a full-time entrepreneur, I was teaching bootcamp on the side, taking on a few clients as well as doing some influencer work whilst having a full time job.

And I definitely recommend it because

1) you’re growing your buffer income which will make transition a whole lot easier

2) having these clients will most definitely boost your confidence in running your own business.

Are you thinking about creating a side hustle but don’t know where to start? Well, don't you worry! I am about to share 4 tips on how to get you started. 




Here are my 4 tips that you can start implementing today:

1. Intention and goal-setting

I hate to be breaking this to you but running a side hustle whilst you’re working full time is not going to be a walk in a park and sacrifices need to be made. When the time gets tough, you would have to come back to why you are doing this in the first place and would need to want it bad enough to keep going.

This is why it is important to get clear on the intention and understand your goal. Whether it is simply to make extra pocket money, paying off a debt or wanting to create a significant second income that will eventually allow you to replace your full time income and be your own boss - you need to be clear on why are you starting this side hustle. 



2. Find a sweet spot between your passion and your skills.

I wish I could say - pursue your passion and the rest will come. Again, I hate to be the bad news bearer but your passion needs to have a demand and a market otherwise the money ain’t going to come to you.

Remember, your business will only succeed only if it’s something you love doing and something you’re good at.

In my case, I am a numbers nerd and I love observing trends, behavior and data. How does that relate to what I do? My passion translates into analytical skills - where I help businesses with their marketing strategy and plan, as well as identifying opportunities using data and market trends. I also enjoy telling stories and inspiring others which I am able to utilise as a content creator.

3. Never compromise on your ‘why,’ but be flexible about the ‘how’.

Be clear on your “WHY” and what your end goal is but be flexible on how are you going to get there and approach everything with an open mind. Be open to opportunities or ways that you never have thought were possible. Opportunities are all around you and you will start seeing them once you put yourself out there.

I’ve spoken about this briefly in my “How to be a digital nomad video” - once I put myself out there and put it to the universe about my desire to travel and work at the same time, I started spotting opportunities. Would I have thought that I would be able to work remotely whilst on a contract? No - but I was determined about what I wanted, I went for it and made it happen.

4. Create more time in your days

In order to start your hustle whilst working full time, you will have to find time in your daily calender to make it work. Here are a few ways in which you’re able to create more time in your days:

  1. Wake up an hour or two earlier each day to get your work done before heading to your 9-5. I did this for over a year as a personal trainer - I had a 5:30-9:30am shift when I was working at FF and my local bootcamp was 6:30-7:15am.

  2. Protect your time and learn to say no - If you’ve decided to start a side hustle, make it a priority. As I mentioned earlier, sacrifices need to be made, you will have to say no to things that are less important to you - such as your weekly Saturday night out or daily Netflix time!

  3. Establish a routine - commit to a new routine for at least 21 days where you dedicate at least two hours a day on your side hustle (That is 42 hours worth of work right there!) Make it a habit and it will be much easier over time!

Hope you enjoyed these 4 tips on to start a side hustle whilst working full time. They aren’t rocket science - it all comes down to how bad you want it. Imagine a year from now, you look back and realise how far you’ve come and how it is all worth it in the end? Just fucking do it and get started today!