CONFUSED TO CONSCIOUS: My spiritual awakening journey in Bali #JourneyToBeingYou

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I got into Bali (May'19) feeling confused and went through the most transformational shifts in my life. I talked about how an impromptu energy healing session, guided meditation classes, OSHA kundalini yoga, and tantric yoga has helped me release A LOT of stored emotions and childhood trauma (that I didn't know existed) and began my healing journey. I also shared how being more connected with my divine feminine energy and myself has helped me in speaking my truth and stepping into my calling. 

  • 11:50 - Getting into Bali feeling confused. I was even thinking of returning back to the corporate world (EEEEK - SHOCKING I KNOW!!!) Not to mention, my mind was fixated on meeting my king/ twin flame and soulmate.

  • 15:55 - State of Doing - trying to do all the things that I “should be” doing and my masculine energy is still dominating. I also spoke about the guilt that came up when I am not doing it “the right way”

  • 21:21 - My first energy healing experience

  • 29:00 - Guided meditation and OSHA kundalini yoga - learning how to trust myself

  • 42:00 - Coming from a place of serving and love - when your energy and vibration is high.

  • 48:37 - Showing up as your most authentic self, you build conscious connection. 

  • 53:45 - I GOT A FUCKING TATTOO based on my awakening experience

  • 54:15 - My tantric yoga experience which turns out to be the most cleansing session ever where I cleared my heart chakra through breath. 

  • 59:20 - Summary of the lessons that I have taken away throughout the journey to find myself and EMBRACE myself. 

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