Life on your own terms - where business, travel and lifestyle collide. 

What we do

We produce and create content that inspires you to create your own reality and live life on your own terms. Here, you will get tools, templates and action plans, how-to guides and trainings to name a few that will get you fired up, take actions and work towards the #NotSoBasicLife. 

Why we do it

We are in the greatest moment in the human history, with endless opportunities thanks to the internet.

We strongly believe that we are incredibly fortunate and blessed to be in the era where YOU truly have control over your life and have the capability to make changes to live an extraordinary life, on your own terms

The technology has allow individuals to opportunities in a way no one ever imagined was possible.

We want to show people the possibility, realise the endless opportunity and inspire them to take actions!

We want to shape a generational conversation around entrepreneurship and the sweet spot where lifestyle, business and travel can all coexist at the same time.

We want to create a movement that inspires and helps driven game changers like yourself to live a purposeful and fulfilled life, starting from now! 


A deline is a Chartered Accountant, Digital Marketing Specialist, qualified personal trainer and wellbeing coach. 

Adeline is a Chartered Accountant, Digital Marketing Specialist, qualified personal trainer and wellbeing coach. 


Hi, my name is Adeline Er and I am the creator of Not So Basic.Life! 

A qualified Chartered Accountant in my past life, I've now broken away from the 9-5 grind and run multiple businesses:

  • Your Digital Ninja - the Digital Marketing Manager your business needs but never had.  

Your Digital Ninja helps small businesses and start-ups expand and grow via strategic marketing plans, compelling content strategy and social media marketing.

  • Eat This Burn That - Wellbeing Hub for Entrepreneurs where healthy living is made simple

Eat This Burn That helps entrepreneurs take control of their wellbeing by making sustainable and lasting life changes into their daily life. Strong body, strong mind. 

I've done the corporate life, I've done the side hustles and now I'm ready to take the leap and take it to the next level - the #NotSoBasicLife!

Are you joining me for the ride?



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